We're always on the lookout for simple solutions to pressing problems, and we've found one in the energy savings area.  EnVerid Systems, Inc. has a technology which educes the energy load on HVAC in commercial energy buildings by 30% or more.

At what point does a machine seem alive - or even like a “person?”

The consumer electronics show CES is filled to the brim with a bewildering number of gadgets and gizmos. Here's what we learned. 

When you play a game, you follow the rules. But when it came to creating their own game, the founders of Cards Against Humanity broke the rules. The wildly popular card game, with its profane and scatological phrases, violates all the rules of decorum. And with their decision to make CAH free online (yes, free: you can print out your own cards), the creators disregarded even America’s rules of commerce.

by Brian Grazer and Charles Fishman (Book Review by Lisa Kay Solomon)

How Creating New Stories Spawns Innovation and Success

In Ray Bradbury’s classic 1950 short story The Veldt, the line between truth and lie is lethally crossed by two children, who bring a virtual reality scene of ravenous lions to life. Microsoft’s Hololens boasts similarly unique capabilities. Hololens harnesses light and electricity to map holographic images onto the material (i.e., “real) world.

To be an entrepreneur or innovation leader involves necessary delusions.  If every entrepreneur heeded the naysayers, they might not make any move at all. There is an inherited conservationist tendancy in culture- why fix what’s not obviously broken? - in some people it’s an almost genetic resistance to change!  This resistance can impinge creativity and demoralize innovation.