The Stone Clinic

The Stone Clinic

We have extensive patents for orthopedic surgical techniques that create better outcomes for patients. How can we heal more people and spread these ideas?


An innovative surgical practice, The Stone Clinic has led  the development of organic biologic alternatives to knee replacement, and other advanced approaches to human health.   They needed a way to tell the story of the clinic, of robotic surgery, and of BioKnee.   In addition to serving more patients directly, The Stone Clinic sought to expand the number of people who are informed about better ways of treating and healing their bodies, from preventing injury to recovering from surgical procedures.    


Our strategy and design team developed an overhauled brand and messaging platform, built a new self-diagnostic application, redesigned and built a new web presence to handle Stone's thousands of pages of educational material, and developed award-winning video to capture patient stories.  Our content team has worked with Dr. Stone on a syndicated weekly column for a major newspaper, and an expanded strategy for athletes.  We support The Stone Clinic in ongoing strategy and alliance building.   All of this has resulted in tremendous increases in reach for the Clinic.  

What the Client Says...

"Now Labs is a fire hose of creativity, wrapped in elegant packages, with insightful targeting of actions to lead to success in a wide range of business and personal challenges." - Dr. Kevin Stone, Founder, The Stone Clinic



What technologies can make the shopping experience more beautiful and easeful for our customers, while stopping unnecessary losses?

Bespoke apothecary style personal care products, at the intersection of female empowerment and pure plant-based wellness.

What emerging technologies will benefit the retail sector the most? 

We have millions of screens.
How can we create a connected
experience, and a new line of business?

Estée Lauder

We have 30,000 employees. How do we gather their best ideas to improve our company and products?

enVerid Systems, Inc.

How could anyone say no to an innovation like enVerid?  The company makes buildings healthier, and saves 20 to 40% of HVAC KwH.  Still, selling new ideas into long established markets is never easy.

EcoEos and MercuryWise

We discovered that some kids have genetic sensitivities to chemicals in the environment. How do we get parents to take action?

“You are the hero of your own adventure.”

Aviva surgical centers

At Aviva Surgical Centers we have the top robotic surgeons in the US and a safer approach with outpatient surgery. How do we tell a unified story and make it easy for patients to find the best surgeon?