We create strategies to grow companies and then bring them to life with a seamless flow of accountability.

We're no longer taking new clients in our services business.  The methology below reflects how we grow our own portfolio projects.

Our integrated approach

Our service offerings are designed to create a seamless flow of
accountability from concept to execution. By defining market entry
approaches, crafting offerings, creating brands and testing
messaging, clients get end-to-end integrated results.

Strategy & Launch

People bring us in at key strategic inquiry points to help them understand and take informed action on emerging technologies, markets and opportunities.   We can work independently or closely with internal staff, supplementing an innovation team, or embedding in a business unit.

Senior teams hire us when they need to:

  • Create or validate a product concept or business plan 
  • Investigate a new market
  • Launch a company or a product
  • Identify a blue sky product or service opportunity
  • Quantify a threat or concern about defending against a new technology
  • Assess and select emerging technology partners
  • Help grow non-incremental revenue
  • Help create new categories
  • Find ways to differentiate their company
  • Mine internal innovations or underleveraged assets
  • Assess an acquisition’s post transaction possibilities
  • Conduct market or technical due diligence

Product Development & Engineering

We co-create disruptive prototypes, applications and solutions.

As insiders, you know where the lines are drawn. When to climb. Who to ask. You produce at capacity, every day. Now Labs bring the outside world into focus. We ask different questions. And see the strategic leverage points to find new solutions. We help you:

  • Define Requirements
  • Design Architectures and User Experiences: conceptual, technical, engineering layouts
  • Alpha (Prototype) Builds: fast-track technical implementation in software, hardware, and apps
  • Beta: instrumented soft launches with user participation
  • Gamma: market ready products

Design Services

Our design services are integrated into strategic engagements and new product launches, so nothing is lost in translation.

Brand Development:

  • Logo design
  • Visual assets
  • Naming

Web Development:

  • Content
  • Design
  • Messaging
  • Commerce
  • Testing
  • Production

Content Creation & Operations

We create intelligent branded content for science and technology companies, to get results.  We craft strategy and do the work to carry it out into the market, in words, pictures, video, infographics and more.  Our approach includes:

  • Rich narrative to meet target audience where they are
  • High signal to noise content (not fluff!)
  • Great production quality
  • Multiple formats:  whitepapers, blog posts, long form, ghost writing, etc.
  • Consistent delivery: Daily, weekly, monthly
  • Managed services to continuously improve
  • Social media ready content