Panasonic North America: Retail Insight

Panasonic North America: Retail Insight

What emerging technologies will benefit the retail sector the most? 

When faced with the opportunity to enter a new market sector with a new technologies, Panasonic hired Now Labs to investigate the market opportunity, competing and alternate technologies, and compete due diligence.

We completed a full market study, patent and university search to assess patent validity and potential mirroring innovations, and financial review. The project resulted in the validation and expansion on the market opportunity, and the identification of significant risks and governance issues in potential acquisition activity.   



What technologies can make the shopping experience more beautiful and easeful for our customers, while stopping unnecessary losses?

The Stone Clinic

We have extensive patents for orthopedic surgical techniques that create better outcomes for patients. How can we heal more people and spread these ideas?

Bespoke apothecary style personal care products, at the intersection of female empowerment and pure plant-based wellness.

We have millions of screens.
How can we create a connected
experience, and a new line of business?

Estée Lauder

We have 30,000 employees. How do we gather their best ideas to improve our company and products?

enVerid Systems, Inc.

How could anyone say no to an innovation like enVerid?  The company makes buildings healthier, and saves 20 to 40% of HVAC KwH.  Still, selling new ideas into long established markets is never easy.

EcoEos and MercuryWise

We discovered that some kids have genetic sensitivities to chemicals in the environment. How do we get parents to take action?

“You are the hero of your own adventure.”

Aviva surgical centers

At Aviva Surgical Centers we have the top robotic surgeons in the US and a safer approach with outpatient surgery. How do we tell a unified story and make it easy for patients to find the best surgeon?