Panasonic North America: Connected Experience

Panasonic North America: Connected Experience

We have millions of screens.
How can we create a connected
experience, and a new line of business?


As the provider of hardware, software and services to manage and display content in airplanes, cars signage, billboards stadiums and more, Panasonic was seeking to build new lines of business which connected all of these nodes in a network to create a unique, meaningful and connected end user experience, while at the same time seeding a cloud services expertise in the company. The company wanted to explore new opportunities leveraging its capacities across North America, they selected MM to research, synthesize and assess new business options, including business planning, acquisition review and prototype development.


We became an embedded inside/outside team for PNA.   We completed a cross division inventory of assets, talents, and intents that could feed new into this new line of business.  We completed external audits on needs and trends, through first person interviews, through analyst and industry data, and developed 3 potential business models.   These three businesses were concepted, taken out to potential buyers for feedback and price talk, estimated to time and money to build, financially modeled.  For the winning business concept, a complete business plan was developed, and moved into prototype and pilot.  


The project was funded, staffed and the product and this new line of business line are currently being built.

What the client says ...

The feedback is phenomenal.  People are amazed at the fact that we were able to take an idea from a piece of paper, to fully functional complex hardware and software prototype, and turn it into a real-world business in less than 9 months.

Again, thank you so much for all the crazy hours, commitment, passions, and talents that you and your team have put forth on this project.  If there ever was a definition of a 21st century alchemist, you guys are it...

Jean-Marc Golden, CIO, PESNA
Panasonic North America