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Welcome BriefCam

Welcome BriefCam

News// Posted by: Now Labs / 30 Mar 2015
Brief cam-synopsis

Now Labs, Inc is pleased to welcome BriefCam to the Now Labs family of clients.

Digital IP Cameras and video surveillance have exploded over the last decade. More recently, a proliferation of next generation IoT devices leverage cameras to manage the built environment. This poses a challenge: how can all of this video be ingested and understood?

BriefCam’s Video Synopsis technology allows the viewer to see hours of video footage in minutes by capturing activity in a common field and showing it all simultaneously. On average, one hour of video can be “synopsized” down to one minute of review time. This is not “speeding up”, but advanced machine vision.  Acting like a video search engine, complex video tracking algorithms also allow specific analytics and intelligent recommendations.  BriefCam is based in Tel Aviv, and backed by Aviv Capital.