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Watch Kyle Sleeper at TEDx Wooster [VIDEO]

Watch Kyle Sleeper at TEDx Wooster [VIDEO]

Sleeper's Clock: A Simple Protocol for Freedom
News// 29 Jan 2016
Kyle Sleeper at TEDxWooster

Kyle Sleeper TEDx Talk

Our co-founder and head of operations, Kyle Sleeper, was on the TEDx stage recently - bringing sharp perspectives that challenge how we set our expectations and agendas for our lives and days - how we create true autonomy and self reliance in all domains, while staying connected. 

Figuring things out for a person’s own self is the only freedom anyone really has. This talk is about self-governance, turning vision into action, and cultivating the practices necessary for both.



Kyle has crafted a method for practicing personal freedom and lowering barriers to activation. There are simple things you can do with powerful implications.

The steps will not be novel to most people on the surface. The goal is to provide a framework for understanding the complex interplay of internal and external inhibitors in your life, masked by simple analogy and mnemonic device. Kyle also talks about conquering fear, and provides a different perspective on how to think about the word "passion". 
Practicing freedom is an incredible form of self love, one that enables you to show up in the world as your whole you and contribute fully to our community and world. 

He talks about 4 domains of autonomy:

Digital autonomy: Master your relationship with technology. Free yourself from your phone and devices. 

Physical and mental autonomy: Master your relationship with your body and mind. Take control of your body - nourishment, 10 minutes a day of meditation, be active. 

Financial autonomy: Master your relationship with money. Should be like a long-term relationship with a life partner - not big gestures now and then, but stoking the flames consistently. Budgeting is sexy. It "gives you the information you need to make an informed uncoerced decision against things that are trying to suck your energy out of your wallet." Give yourself a long time horizon.

Social autonomy: Master your relationship with external expectations. Make decisions about your motivations. Your life is an unscripted existence. The social clock helps us understand milestones and transition events. You are not on anyone else's timeline- not family, not government. Not society's "you should do this at this point" in your life.

Thank you to the organizers of TEDx Wooster