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Stone Clinic: Telling Brand Stories Through Teaching Videos

Stone Clinic: Telling Brand Stories Through Teaching Videos

Perspective// Posted by: Joanna Harrison / 19 Jul 2013

The Stone Clinic came to us with a request to refresh their video content, and to help communicate the values and brand of the Clinic and its founder. Milsal McCaull team member Joanna Harrison, a veteran video producer and brand storyteller, worked with the clinic to produce twenty-seven videos, varying from an energetic and moving story of a patient and pro-skier, to a warm description of why Dr. Stone does what he does, to informative explanations of the types of joint interventions the clinic offers. We also produced a series of videos for a wider audience offering tips on how avoid injury and stay out of the clinic for distribution across the web.

Working closely with members of The Stone Clinic team, Joanna took a story approach to the videos, ensuring maximum impact and resonance. To add to the authenticity and spontaneity of the videos, they were all unscripted but meticulously prepared.

As a pioneer in the field of orthopedics and with 25 years in private practice, Kevin Stone M.D. is no newcomer to video. Dr. Stone is comfortable in front of the camera and news channels have produced stories on his innovative biologic approach to repairing joints with stem cells and donor tissue. The Stone Clinic site featured helpful show and tell explanations of various procedures and the clinic had taken the time to record dozens of video testimonials with their patients.

Telling the Story: Not just what but WHY?

Yet, after one conversation with Dr. Stone, it was clear that something was missing from their video content. What comes across immediately in person but not on the website, is his passion for his field, the why behind what he does.

The very reason he started out in the field was his dissatisfaction with the way his own badly injured knee had been treated. He’s been there. He knows what you’re going through. What drives him to innovate is his frustration. He’s alarmed at the way joints are replaced more often than repaired and he cares passionately about making his field more efficient and effective.

Value 1: An Independent Thinker

That’s what we had to capture on film: Dr. Stone as the rebellious hero who refuses to accept the way things are, who seeks to improve everything he sees, whose greater goal for humanity is to rid the world of arthritis. So we encouraged him to talk about those points in some of the shorter videos we produced. We got him to put a stake in the ground and to speak up about what he stands for. Little of this was a new discovery for Dr. Stone. He’s been asked these questions before. But we pulled his story into sharper focus and gave his audience, potential clients, even more reasons to trust him.

Value 2: A Mentor

But Dr. Stone doesn’t see himself as a hero at The Stone Clinic. He sees himself as a mentor. The patients are the heroes. He says he strikes a bargain with his patients whereby he offers his best surgical techniques and expertise and they agree to put in the work to rehabilitate their injured joint afterwards. He tells them they should think of themselves as “athletes in training and not patients in rehab” and to view their injury as an opportunity to learn more about how their body works and how nutrition can improve their healing. The clinic has a gym and a physical therapy unit where people troupe in, some on crutches and some further along in their recovery. Each of these patients has a story to tell and Dr. Stone and his team of nurses, physical therapists and administrative staff know these stories and they respect and admire the efforts made by each person to heal. What we needed was a way to show this deep relationship between Dr. Stone and his patients. Naturally, we needed to shoot a testimonial style video with somebody who Dr. Stone had helped.

The Power of a Brand Advocate

Among Dr. Stone’s many patients, one had an exceptional testimonial: world-class professional skier, Jen Hudak. Jen specializes in half pipe skiing and had injured her knee in competition. We were fortunate to have access to some awesome footage of her in action. The story was strong: Dr. Stone had fixed her and in 6 months she was back out skiing. That season she won everything, x-games, European x games, the world skiing invitational and the US nationals. When we first talked about the story, it seemed like this incredible accomplishment would be the place to end the video. What a success! We could show Dr. Stone’s expertise and Jen’s incredible dedication to her sport at the same time.

Twists and Turns – a powerful story telling element

After her amazing success, I knew Jen been injured again but at first I didn’t think we needed to include the second injury. However, once we did the interview with Jen, I recognized that this second injury was more devastating to her and her trust in Dr. Stone all the more critical. To Jen, Dr. Stone’s belief in her ability to heal and get back out there again has been central to her decision to carry on with the sport. These twists and turns are what make stories interesting. We opened up the video to include this dramatic turn of events. Jen draws us into her struggle to once again get back into competition and we see Dr. Stone through Jen’s eyes.


Joanna Harrison
Joanna has a knack for storytelling, immersing herself into the world of her clients and quickly identifying their core narrative.