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Rebuilding joints with animal tissue

Rebuilding joints with animal tissue

A recent ABC news story featured our client, The Stone Clinic, highlighting the work of orthopedic surgeon Kevin R. Stone, to humanize animal tissue so that it can repair human joints.
News// Posted by: Joanna Harrison / 19 Mar 2015

Congratulations to our client, pioneering orthopedic surgeon, Kevin R. Stone, MD. and his team. February 2015 saw the first commercial use of a device that Dr. Stone invented to rebuild a damaged knee ligament with animal tissue.

Up until now, it has not been possible to use animal tissue to rebuild joints because, when the tissue was treated to prevent immunologic rejection, it became a tough as shoe leather. Ligaments need to be flexible.

Dr. Stone and his team figured out how humanize animal tissue without damaging the tissue’s biological or mechanical characteristics, creating a scaffold, which remodels over time into the patient’s own human ligament.

The Z-lig, as it’s called, was subsequently developed by Aperion Biologics, and was cleared last year for marketing and distribution in the European Union and other markets which recognize the CE Mark.

February’s first commercial use of the Z-lig in a procedure to replace a patient’s anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), marks the culmination of 20 years of work.

READ MORE on The Stone Clinic's website.

The story appeared on ABC News. 

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