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Now Labs 2015 Year in Review

Now Labs 2015 Year in Review

Thank you to our clients and partners for making 2015 a phenomenal year!
News// Posted by: Christine Mason / 19 Jan 2016
Now Labs 2015: Strategy and Launch & Content Creation and operations

2015: What’s Worth Doing?

Thank you for your support in 2015.

As many of you know, in January, we formed the new Now Labs, Inc., and created two distinct lines of business: Strategy and Launch Services and Content Creation and Operations

In 2015, we served 26 clients on 30 projects, helping them achieve strong, measurable results:

  • Acquiring $21M in capital commitments
  • Acquiring more than 3M webviews
  • Securing more than 800 qualified leads or new accounts
  • Evaluating 6 potential markets and acquiring or licensing 3 emerging technologies

Client work clustered in two areas: Health and beauty, (specifically in medical devices, healthcare and biotech), and advanced software products and services (machine vision, big data, deep learning). We also initiated our first projects for our own portfolio, including Unbias, an inquiry into how technology might address implicit cognitive bias.

In assessing our year, we asked:

  • Did we deliver measurable outcomes?
  • How did the work support client success?
  • Did we create strong, trusting relationships?
  • Did we incubate and spread new ways of thinking?
  • Did we make a difference? 

We'd be delighted if you would take a look at a synopsis of our 2015 work in our digital portfolio below. 

In 2016, we are committed to helping clients find a clear direction, make a new reality or materialize a vision, build profitable businesses and in the process to solve problems that matter to humanity and the planet. 

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