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Ego Couture: The Selfie Suit

Ego Couture: The Selfie Suit

Perspective// Posted by: Tuan Tran / 27 May 2015

Tuan Tran

“The ‘selfie’ is a new and pervasive expression of the self; it is an action that embraces sharing and openness. I am an open person, and I am proud to wear a suit or jacket with my image. I was inspired to bring the selfie to fashion because it is the ultimate statement of a person, wrapped up in one’s self in an exaggerated, caricatured and fun way.

“As for the risk, I would ask, ‘What is the risk of being yourself?’ To the extent that you love yourself, the opinion of the world matters less. A person cannot be timid, shy or conservative to wear any of the fashion I create. I don’t think about risks—I think about opportunities. If someone doesn’t like you, a jacket or suit won’t change their opinion. So why not make it perfectly clear who you are?”


Tuan Tran is an artist and fashion designer living in San Francisco.