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Consumer Electronics Show 2016: 10 Takeaways

Consumer Electronics Show 2016: 10 Takeaways

What we learned at CES2016
News// Posted by: Christine Mason / 8 Jan 2016

As the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas draws to a close, here are the 10 key lessons we are taking away.

1) Connected autonomous cars are happening

Autonomous cars and other driving technologies dominated CES2016. While there are many details to be worked out in the operating systems and technical stack, self-driving cars are well on their way to creating a revolution in the auto industry. The driverless car space has tremendous implications for in-vehicle supply needs: sensors (bio and visual/spatial), software, processing etc.  The out-of-vehicle implications are also enormous - as each car records millions of data points - traffic, servers and analytics will be needed.

BMW's i Vision Future Interaction concept car 

2) The Internet of Things is getting there

Our homes are getting smarter, one device and one object at a time. Panasonic had a great presentation of their vision in this area, illustrating its concept of Smart Town.

Panasonic at CES2016 ÔRA : Experience Smart Living

The Internet of Medical things is also taking off – with connected medical devices, apps, and sensors measuring activity levels, blood pressure, heart rate, weight, blood sugar etc.  Enterprise, however, is slower to adopt.

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3) Wearables are unwearable

Wearables are in the trough of despair- consolidated inputs may change that, but people simply don't want to wear their tech.

4) People crave the human touch

People need more human contact, embodiment, and escape from digital isolation: the countermovement to tech is high touch experiences.

5) Story is becoming immersive

Media and story consumption is becoming immersive, driving a more sensual experience.  IMAX is coming home.  VR is getting physical.  360 degree cameras and projection domes, as well as goggles at really low prices with superior resolution, open a massive opportunity for artists and filmmakers in an in the round, more expressive form of filmmaking - a new form of art.   Barry Pousman, (@bpousman) the creator of the UN’s First Virtual Reality Documentary, is one of the leaders in this field. 

6) Gamers are getting off their butts

A decade of gamer's butt and the diseases of a sedentary digital life (any manner of posture and biochemical issues) are being addressed in various ways.  

 Omni Virtuix Gaming Treadmill Tornament Omni exhibitors demo first person shooter game in Virtuix treadmill harness.

7) Self-improvement tech needs some improvement 

People are trying to automate and robotize self-improvement in every area from beauty, to fitness, to sex.  Commentary is that this is a fool’s errand, another example of the lottery or concierge economy mindset -  I'll take a digital pill to improve, rather than mindful self awareness to gain skills and connect. 

8)  Deep learning/neural networks continue to expand in all fields. 

With data proliferation, math and logic and analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), in all of its components, grows in value. What matters from the data, however, requires deep listening to craft questions and understand how the data can be of use. 

9) Keep looking at the clouds

The client-to-cloud server model will take on a gateway layer to broker data traffic. This opinion, though not fashionable, seems to have gained traction this year, as traffic flows explode globally. 

10) Balance remains key

CES is filled to the brim with a bewildering number of gadgets and gizmos. There's a ton of noise at this show – and in our everyday lives.  We leave Las Vegas with the hope that we may balance humanism and technology in 2016.  

Until next year, CES!  May we thrive in balance!