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BriefCam featured in Holiday Gift Guide

BriefCam featured in Holiday Gift Guide

FLIR® FX camera, powered by BriefCam®’s award-winning Video Synopsis® technology
News// 23 Nov 2015

Our client BriefCam has been highlighted in USA Today's Gadget Gift Guide. The FLIR FX is a home monitoring camera that can also be a GoPro-like action camera, a dash cam for your car, or an outdoor security system.  It uses RapidRecap, powered by BriefCam's Video Synopsis® technology.

 FLIR FX ($199.99) is a small, portable and versatile Wi-Fi camera that can be used as a home video surveillance solution, dashboard cam for your vehicle, wearable or mountable POV cam, baby monitor with two-way audio, and more (some require a special mount, sold separately). Use the free app to remotely tap into your 1080p and wide-angle camera, or set up sound or motion alerts to be pushed to your phone or tablet. The pièce de résistance, however, is a cloud-based service called RapidRecap, which lets you see a time-stamped video summary of what the camera captured so you don’t have to comb through hours of video (FLIR Cloud Basic account is free).


USA Today columnist Marc Saltzman presents his gadget guide, including the FLIR FX.

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What is RapidRecap?

RapidRecap is a new technology that creates a video with a simultaneous presentation of objects, events, and actions that occurred at different times — to help users quickly review recorded footage stored on FLIR Cloud. Powered by BriefCam®’s award-winning Video Synopsis® technology, all the activity the camera captures is compiled into abbreviated clips, so that an entire day of footage can be reviewed in as little as a few seconds. The recorded objects — such as pedestrians or animals grazing in the backyard — are superimposed, each with an identifying time stamp, making it easy to quickly see everything that happened over a defined period of time—all at once.  Read more.

Tips to Prevent Package Theft with a FLIR FX

The FLIR FX was also featured in a local Oregon newscast about protecting your packages from "Porch Pirates". 

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