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Arc Fusion Dinner

Arc Fusion Dinner

“The Future: Whither Humans in 100 Years?”
News// Posted by: Christine Mason / 22 Apr 2015

Congratulations to our friends at Arc Fusion David Ewing Duncan , Stephen Petranek, Andrea Cross and Robin Starbuck Farmanfarmaian on another wonderful night in San Francisco - exploring 100-year questions:

  • Will you be alive in 100 years?
  • What are your biggest hopes and fears for humanity?
  • What will be the most important influences on our health and wellbeing?
  • What's the relative influence between technology, politics, social design in creating or blocking change?

Arc's Jeffersonian style dinners (one person talks, the conversation is with the entire table) make for substantive interaction. Speeches are short and concise - Last night: PhD and Artist Una Ryan, IDEO futurist Rodrigo Martinez, Drew Endy, Casey Lynch on Alzheimers - plus Dean Ornish in discussion with Vinod Khosla. An extra thank you to table hosts Kevin Kelly,Tamsin Smith, Jordan Shlain, Melinda Richter and Taylor. Daniel Bernard Roumain played the violin - I mean, healed us with vibration. And the beautiful menu, below- fromMichael Hebb and Adina Niemerow - was aimed at human mind-body optimizating.

Arc’s mission is to accelerate the fusion of health, IT and biomedicine.

Arc Fusion Dinner: Arc’s mission is to accelerate the fusion of health, IT and biomedicine.

About Arc

Arc is a new, independent organization on a quest to help shape and lead one of the great megatrends of our era – the convergence, or “fusion,” of biomedicine with information technologies and big data. Equally critical is the rise of the health and wellness movement, a consumer-based groundswell that has seen millions of people insisting on participating in their own health. Arc’s mission is to accelerate the fusion of health, IT and biomedicine. 

Arc is supported by and seeks out the world’s top scientists, thinkers, executives, physicians, investors, entrepreneurs, advocates, policy makers, philosophers, writers, artists and other leaders who understand the need for personal involvement in the rising fusion phenomenon.