Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder

We have 30,000 employees. How do we gather their best ideas to improve our company and products?


Estee Lauder sought new strategy, tool and processes to drive innovation internally across all of it's brands.  We provided strategic support on bringing out the best in people’s creativity, and refining a collaboration platform and innovation infrastructure.


Created an human powered innovation strategy for a high performance company, including technical and human-centered design.


Over the course of 9 months, we worked with our client to develop and refine a new internal innovation portal, where challenges and ideas could be shared worldwide. This work included design and messaging, and technical advisory on deployment and configuration of a crowd-sourced innovation platform.  To socialize the platform, we crafted a network of global champions  to drive local awareness and use, with incentives, events and training materials.  More broadly, we developed a strategy for integrating creativity and innovation development into the daily lives of employees, through coursework and content, including creativity micro-interventions and apps.  We worked with team leaders to develop a full financial model for measuring ROI on innovation projects, priortizing concepts and designing innovation competitions.  Our founders gave talks to executives, and conducted several inspirational/educational global webinars to the ambassador team on concepts in innovation and creativity.

What the client says...

Now Labs is a team of sharp, energetic professionals who have been instrumental in helping us clarify some of our strategic objectives to engage our employee community. In the time that we have been working together, Now Labs has presented some amazing new ideas to us that we hadn’t considered and that will propel us to a new level. I have been very impressed with their “speed-to-market” approach as well as their technical expertise. Now Labs represents the best of the entrepreneurial, can-do spirit along with human-centered thinking.  Now Labs also looks at issues through a business-savvy marketing lens that really connects with audiences.

— Mark Polson, VP, Estee Lauder

Now Labs represents the best of entrepreneurial spirit, technical expertise and big heartedness.

— Jen Ritter, Director, Innovation Strategy



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