enVerid Systems, Inc.

enVerid Systems, Inc.

How could anyone say no to an innovation like enVerid?  The company makes buildings healthier, and saves 20 to 40% of HVAC KwH.  Still, selling new ideas into long established markets is never easy.


enVerid provides radical innovations for energy savings and indoor air quality to the HVAC and commercial building market.  The company has many great characteristics: a great scientific pedigree, with support from the US department of energy; a dozen working installations with blue chip names around the world; and a product that delivers documented (and significant) energy savings and air quality improvements.  The organization also has three large revenue challenges: creating a new product category in an old industry, a long sales cycle, and a complex set of purchase influencers.

In 2016, after a Series B investment round, the board and leadership team had a substantive new revenue goal.  They wanted to increase lead generation, increase support at various stages in the sales cycle, upgrade brand message and marketing materials, and expand outreach into various markets and implement an array of marketing programs. The firm engaged Now Labs for 6 months to fast track their efforts.


Within 3 months, a 250% increase in site traffic, hundreds of organically earned social media followers, doubling of conversion rates and stronger outbound calling results. Complete new online presence. Complete infrastructure in place for new team to run with on all key marcom program elements.  


  • Now Labs founder Christine Mason served as interim CMO
  • Creative Director Will Rogers served as lead designer
  • Max Bratsun served as lead developer
  • A variety of writers and researchers were involved as needed

Partial List of Activities & Deliverable


  • Target market identification
  • Prioritization of targets
  • Target need identification
  • Value proposition definition and refinement


  • Developed company’s first overall marketing budget
  • First monthly dashboard to measure marketing results
  • First model to define cost to acquire a qualified lead
  • Developed content calendar and plan
  • Transitioned from prior agency
  • On-boarded new VP of Marketing
  • Conducted targeted/focused search for PR firm in Greentech/Cleantech or Commercial Real Estate

Messaging, Design, Marcom:

  • Navigation, greatly expanded content and all design elements for new website
  • Complete new site build in Drupal 8, with integration to Salesforce and other services, with all kinds of bells and whistles to make later management easier
  • Company brochure and product literature
  • Sales presentation template
  • Sourced photoProduct images on client install locations in Miami and Houston
  • Drafted 8 case studies for customer proof points
  • Video scope, budget and plan
  • Launched and wrote dozens of articles

Sales support:

  • Call Lists, Data.com
  • Guided outbound callers in weekly calls
  • Wrote call scripts and answered product questions

Lead Generation:

  • Managed LinkedIn and AdWord lead generation
  • Managed trade Association placements, wrote speaker proposals and
  • Managed social media on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Launched company’s 1st email marketing program

Product Development:

  • Reviewed current product UI and made recommendations on refinements
  • Designed new application landing page
  • New product market investigations




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