We discovered that some kids have genetic sensitivities to chemicals in the environment. How do we get parents to take action?


The emerging science of the way our genes interact with the environment created the opportunity for a new kind of health care tool.  MercuryWise offers parents and physicians genetic tests, risk assessment and education to help people with sensitivities  understand and manage the effect of toxins in their lives.   


We began by understanding the needs and concerns of parents and physicians, through 1st person research. This included testing price points and core messaging.    We then developed brand and brand messaging, a front end web presence (including all messaging and e-commerce).  We also designed, developed and built the application to manage test kit orders, and deliver secure online test results, including the complex logic and presentation layer for dynamically built reports.


Together with the team, we built the application for the leading company in the emerging field of ecogenetics.

What the client says...

“We pioneered ecogenetic testing to help parents make better choices. Now Labs understands what it means to trailblaze.  Our biggest challenge was interpreting complex scientific data for parents. It was important to automate the test reporting process, preparing the company to scale quickly. Now Labs came in and helped us get the look, language and product just right to support our launch.” — David Ewing Duncan, CEO, EcoEos/MercuryWise