Joanna Harrison

Joanna Harrison

Director of Content Strategy & Operations
Joanna Harrison
3 words that describe me: 
Responsive. Thoughtful. Collaborative
What I’m making now: 

Forging a path from the one-way communication realm of broadcast journalism into the 360-degree digital content landscape.

What questions I’m asking now: 

What turns people from listeners, readers, or watchers into people who care enough to take action?

Joanna has a knack for storytelling, immersing herself into the world of her clients and quickly identifying their core narrative. For NowLabs, she has worked on video projects for clients such as The Stone Clinic and Aviva Surgical. With a sense of humor and an easy-going approach to conducting interviews, Joanna gets people to open up and tell their story with passion and authenticity.

In addition to video production, Joanna works on all aspects of digital content strategy and creation, from concept to execution. She shapes editorial direction, writes blogs, social media posts, white papers and newspaper columns. She also oversees the creation of motion graphics, infographics and interactive content. Branching into web user experience, she works closely with NowLabs’ designers and developers to create content rich websites.

Joanna spent 15 years as a broadcast journalist based in San Francisco and London, reporting from around the world. She has been seen and heard on BBC, NPR and CNBC. She has a degree in Hispanic Studies from Bristol University in the UK.