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We have millions of screens.
How can we create a connected
experience, and a new line of business?

At Aviva Surgical Centers we have the top robotic surgeons in the US and a safer approach with outpatient surgery. How do we tell a unified story and make it easy for patients to find the best surgeon?

Estée Lauder

We have 30,000 employees. How do we gather their best ideas to improve our company and products?

EcoEos and MercuryWise

We discovered that some kids have genetic sensitivities to chemicals in the environment. How do we get parents to take action?

The Stone Clinic

We have extensive patents for orthopedic surgical techniques that create better outcomes for patients. How can we heal more people and spread these ideas?

How can we assist a research group to optimize their efforts in bio/nano/programmable matter?



Now Labs accelerates the advancement of technologies that have the potential to address big problems for the planet and its inhabitants. Since 2007, we’ve been helping companies move ideas, discoveries, inventions and insights from concept to commercial success.

Design for Impact

We work with large organizations to map emerging sectors, investigate potential technologies, find acquisition candidates, develop prototypes and create new business units. Scientists and visionaries collaborate with us from the idea stage forward. Our sponsors are Founders, C level executives, and Business Unit leadership.

Long Arc Engagement

Like you, we want our work together to have lasting impact. We partner with clients for long arc relationships, rather than short-term quick fixes.  Many of our clients have been working with us for years, on serial investigations or engagements. We can embed teams inside of client organizations, or run independently.

Patterns of Success

As founders and growth experts with decades of experience across multiple domains, and relentless investigators into what works and what doesn't, we see patterns to success that are independent of business model, sector or invention.


We live squarely in the path of world changers:  TED, Summit Series, DLD, MIT, Stanford, Singularity University, CGI, Aspen Institute. Scientists, investors, writers, artists, philosophers, activists, founders and creators of all stripes collaborate with us. Wherever there is a wild idea that needs encouraging, we are there to say yes, it’s possible, let us help you.



Now Labs is a team of creative, analytical people, singularly excellent in their own domain,
with the best combination of talent, expertise, agency, accountability and
values that make them formidable at what they do.

Christian Bailey

Innovation, Academic and Patent Mapping

Lucy Bates-Campbell


Chris Dishman

Financial Strategist, Investment Advisor

Robert Falk

Chief Technology Officer

Cara Familet

Project Manager

Robin Farmanfarmaian

Partnership Development

Rebecca Gray


Jeff Greenwald


Joanna Harrison

Video Producer

Christine Mason

Co-Founder & President

Taylor Milsal


Will Rogers

Design Director

Kyle Sleeper

Director of Operations


360 Market Analysis
360 Market Analysis

360 Market Analysis

New ideas are not always good ideas. How can you tell?  Innovation springs from anywhere, anyone, any time. Now Labs provides the underlying analysis leading to better decisions:

  • Patent Mapping: identify competitive IP, enabling technologies, map patents and map inventors
  • Market Landscape: find disruptive technologies and non-obvious competitors that fly under the radar
  • Internal Analysis: quantify your assets - talent, customer alliances, product and inventory, production capabilities, and marketing, sales and distribution strengths
  • Market Research: investigate driving forces, competitors and predictive analytics to understand what customers don’t yet know they need, and where they will look to find it
  • Benefits: articulate how your product or service will better meet the market’s deeper needs
Application Design & Build
Application Design & Build

Application Design & Build

We co-create disruptive prototypes, applications and solutions.

As insiders, you know where the lines are drawn. When to climb. Who to ask. You produce at capacity, every day.  Now Labs bring the outside world into focus. We ask different questions. And see the strategic leverage points to find new solutions. We help you:

  • Requirements Definition
  • Product Design: conceptual, technical and engineering layouts
  • Alpha (Prototype) Builds: fast-track technical implementation in software, hardware, and apps
  • Beta: soft launches with user participation
  • Gamma: market ready products
Team Facilitation and Speaking Engagements
Team Facilitation and Speaking Engagements

Team Facilitation and Speaking Engagements

Disruption happens.  New technologies threaten existing markets, and create opportunities, in ever more rapid cycles. Now Labs will help you map the unthinkable, the improbable, the unlikely – so we can lean into the future together.  We craft single and serial brainstorming and working sessions with teams, onsite or in retreat settings.  Our partners are also available for speaking and teaching engagements.    

Idea Generation
Idea Generation

Idea Generation

You and your internal teams produce at capacity every day.  Now Labs bring the outside world into focus. We ask different questions, to help see the strategic leverage points and find new solutions. We help you:

  • Identify and value innovative ideas generated by your internal team
  • Inspire free thinking, creativity and change-making connections across your organization
  • Discover and make sense of disruptive new technologies from the outside
Acquisition, Partner & Innovation Scouting
Acquisition, Partner & Innovation Scouting

Acquisition, Partner & Innovation Scouting

Now Labs fast-tracks innovation by onboarding talent, emerging technology and startups.

  • Universe of potential partners (innovation maps)
  • Early vetting of science, people, approach
  • Short list candidates
  • Pilot, contract construction
  • Ecosystem development
Market Entry
Market Entry

Market Entry

Together, we design a comprehensive go-to-market strategy, including staffing the difficult work of landing your first customers. This includes:

Brand & Marketing Communication|
Brand & Marketing Communication|

Brand & Marketing Communication:

  • Brand Development: logo design, visual assets, naming
  • Web Development: content, design, messaging, commerce, testing, production
  • Storytelling and Video: creative approach to benefits selling, design and production of content
Revenue Development
Revenue Development

Revenue Development

  • Customer Profiling: mapping customer demographics to product or services benefits
  • Revenue Generation: lead generation and early client acquisitions
  • Network and Launch Events: strategy, planning, guest invitations, content
  • Introductions: high level introductions to key decision makers
IMG_6407With clients in NYWith Billie Grassie, President of MetaNexusWomen's Executive DinnerMichael Hebb at ARC Launch 2014ARC Fusion Founders David Ewing Duncan and Stephen PetranekDaniel Croce Talking Sustainable FarmingSustainable Coffee MethodsWith TEDxEast Founder J. WurmClimbingSenior Project Manager, Kyle SleeperAutodesk Gallery Design Night, Into SpaceAstronaut Mae JemisonProjection InnovationsTED Prize Winner Charmian GoochTEDxSF Salon, Jason Johnson, Founder of August LockIMG_5904IMG_5874Scott Dinsmore at TED 2014With Mark Dempster, Sequoia CapitalStacey McCartney at TED 2014IMG_5816Book Signing at Now Labs in San FranciscoGifts!Insight-Out at San QuentinSpeaking at HUB OaklandKyle and Adam on RetreatTaylor at CES 2014Now Labs Tea and TalkNow Labs Holiday PartyNow Labs Holiday Party with Richard Titus and Bear KittayIMG_4172IMG_4169IMG_4144IMG_4133IMG_3960


We convene. For laughter, human connection, and the sheer power
of ideas, whether they be brilliant, absurd, undoable, or all three in
one sentence. How do we live our best lives today, and how do we
move into the future with our eyes wide open?
Join in our community of the world’s leading influencers.
The connections that occur in the brain and between people
might just change the world.

Upcoming events


January 28, 2015, 5:30pm - 10:00pm
Autodesk Gallery
A Curated Conversation on Design Disruptions.

Join leaders across healthcare, media, mobile and more for inspiration and insight on topics such as:
Design Driven Investing, John Maeda, Partner at Kleiner Perkins, Former head of RISD
Fearless Adaptation: Viewer Interaction and a New Vision for Cable Gary Koerper, founder of Telletopia, the mind behind xFinity business model
Seeing through the Noise: Sami Paihonen, Ixonos Creative Director, design mind behind Samsung Galaxy UI/UX
Iterative, Predictive Design using Big Data: New Design tools from Biology to Drugs, Taylor Milsal, Autodesk, mind behind the new D4
Plus: Elegant Market Entry,  Complex Simplicity in Healthcare Wearables... and more
Special Session: Young Genius: D-School First Looks!

Moderated by Joseph Oliver and Christine Mason

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Connected Experiences

CES 2015, January 6-9
Aria Hotel, Bristlecone Ballroom 4, Las Vegas, NV
Panasonic Presents: Preview the Future of Digital Out of Home Media.

Featured Speaker, Cocktails and Conversation, Daily at 4 pm.

1/6/15 Emerging DooH Technologies
1/7/15 A Taxonomy for Internet of Things
1/8/15 What the screen sees:  Affect recognition and crowd counting

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Previous events

What’s the future of 3d printing?
with Leap Motion

Fire and Ice: Virtual World vs  the Real World — Who wins?
with Philip Rosedale

Featured Filmmakers, Authors & Speakers

Age of Context
Robert Scoble

Louis Schwartzberg & Black Light Films

Extreme Adventures
Amos Nachoum

How to Start a Revolution
Gene Sharp & Jamila Raqib

Emotional Equations
Chip Conley

Harvest: Blood Sweat & Tears
Director John Beck

Six Pillars of Healthy Living
Dr. Brad Jacobs

Stop Drifting Start Rowing
Roz Savage

Organizations & Launch Events


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